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Stellana is the leading global supplier of polyurethane, rubber, and thermoplastic wheels. With more than 70 years of industry experience, we are the material handling industry’s largest global supplier of polymer wheels. Our products meet or exceed our customers most demanding expectations.

Stellana has manufacturing locations in Sweden, the United States, China, and Sri Lanka and a distribution center in Germany. Each manufacturing facility is equipped with a dedicated engineering team, R&D facilities, and a sales support team. Specific manufacturing capabilities are consistent between facilities, but each location produces a different combination of specialized compounds.

All of our NDI production takes place in Sweden, where we have state-of-the-art NDI production lines. Our other polyurethane products are produced at facilities in Sweden, the United

States, and China. Stellana Sweden and China also manufacture thermoplastic wheels. The majority of the rubber products supplied by the Stellana group are produced in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lankan manufacturing facility produces the natural rubber solid tires to supply all of our global locations. We use the highest-quality natural rubber in the construction of our press-on and resilient rubber tires. Our resilient tire range includes economy and premium products. Whether your application calls for a smooth tread, traction tread, or a non-marking material, we have a tire for the job